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Pet Friendly Plants

Pet Friendly Plants

Have a sweet pup or a curious cat and think you can’t have plants? Think again! We have a number of plants that are safe for both dogs and cats.

As any pet owner knows, it is inevitable that your dog or cat will chew your plant. Or knock it over. Or sit on it. Or any number of things that are part of caring for a loveable ball of fur. You may have read about dogs and cats that have ingested a plant leaf and gotten really sick from it, making you leery about introducing a plant into your home. 

While it is true there are a number of plants not safe for dogs and cats, there are also many that are completely safe. Keeping in mind that you should always do your best to keep pets away from plants (for both the pet and the plant’s sake!), should your furry friend ingest any of our pet friendly plants they will be safe.

If you are curious about any plants you currently own, or would like to see a complete list of non-toxic plants, visit the ASPCA’s website.

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