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Convivial Sand Stoneware Planter
Convivial Sand Stoneware Planter

Convivial Sand Stoneware Planter


Unglazed stoneware brings the full warmth of the clay body to life in this minimal stoneware planter. Designed to absorb the excess moisture from watering. Durable for both indoor and outdoor summer use.

Convivial products are made by hand of high quality ceramics through a process called slip casting, a process of pouring clay into plaster moulds.

Convivial does everything in-house, from product design to clay mixing, casting of forms, refining, glazing, firing, packaging and shipping.

Material: Sand Stoneware (Unglazed)
6 Inch Planter - 6” d x 5.5” h | Bottom Dish : 6.5” d x .5” h

This is a handmade product. Natural variations will occur, making each item truly unique. The product you receive may not be exactly as pictured. Plant not included.